McGuire Steps in With Us; We Must Push for More

On March 2, 2022, we took a major step forward in our campaign for tribal co-management and the preservation of JDSF.  State Senator Mike McGuire, at a town hall meeting broadcast live on KZYX FM, finally stated publicly that he is standing with us.  He came out:

  • for an expedited rewrite of the 2016 Management Plan, one which will include genuine carbon sequestration and fire resilience strategies.  
  • for an interim plan which we hope will include a moratorium
  • against the cutting of big trees

To read the text of his statement, click here.

We cannot overstate how important this is.  We cannot let this momentum slow.  Please take the time to email State Senator Mike McGuire to thank him and urge him to keep pushing for a moratorium now, to make sure he demands tribal co-management and the protection of cultural and sacred sites.  We also need to email the  Board of Forestry to let them know it is past time for tribal co-management, a comprehensive rewrite of the 2016 Management Plan, with a moratorium in the interim.  While you are at it, drop Governor Gavin Newsom a line.  If you feel you need help drafting your email, check out this March 2022 Comments Primer.  

Finally, it won’t be enough to just write emails–though that is better than nothing!  Show up in person at:

For more information and printable flyers, as well as to donate to the cause, go to

Thank You!  We’ve been at this for two years, on top of 17 years for the Original Campaign to Restore Jackson, and we just may be making progress!  

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