Coalition to Save Jackson
The People’s Forest

Why Is California Logging Sacred Lands?
Jackson Demonstration State Forest (JDSF) is a 48,652-acre state owned coast
redwood forest located in Mendocino County. CalFire manages the land as an industrial
timberland, routinely cutting large, old redwoods. The Save Jackson State Forest
Coalition works to change the mandate of JDSF from industrial logging to Indigenous
Land Management that will benefit all Californians.

Conserving Jackson Forest will:

Protect Sacred Sites: JDSF is the home of sites that are sacred to the Northern Pomo
and Coast Yuki Peoples. Logging has damaged those sites in the past and continues to
threaten them. Conserving JDSF will allow Native Americans to protect, visit, and
restore their Sacred Sites.

Demonstrate Traditional Indigenous Land Management: In 2020, Governor Newsom
directed all state agencies to co-manage state lands with local Native American tribes
and seek opportunities to return State lands to Native American tribes. JDSF provides
an opportunity for the state to return management of state lands that were seized during
the California genocide to its original stewards. JDSF can be a place for tribes to
demonstrate Indigenous land management.

Fight Climate Change: Coast Redwoods are capable of sequestering and storing more
carbon dioxide than any other type of forest. Their incredible size and longevity make
them the ideal tree species for fighting climate change. Instead of logging this forest,
California should be nurturing it so it reaches its full potential and becomes a powerful
tool in the fight against climate change.

Create Opportunities for Outdoor Recreation: JDSF is already beloved by mountain
bikers, mushroom foragers, hikers, meditators, and appreciators of nature. But
unfortunately, ongoing industrial logging threatens those uses.


Pomo Land Back Webinar 

Thurs Dec 8th 6pm  Zoom Link Stop Commercial Logging and the Destruction of Pomo Sacred Sites in Jackson State Forest! Join Tribal Elder Priscilla Hunter and the Coalition to Save Jackson State Forest Logging has re-started and must be stopped Learn how you can help protect the forest and Sacred Sites We are seeking allies around the state, please come meet us at the webinars!

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“Hell No!” Rally at Ft. Bragg CalFire Office October 20th

  10/20/22: Press Release from Redwood Nation Earth First! a member of the Coalition to Save Jackson Community Rejects CalFire Proposal for Co-management of Caspar 500 in Jackson Forest Ft. Bragg, CA –On Thursday over fifty people with signs and banners proclaiming “Pomo Land Back” and “Hands Off Caspar,” rallied at the Town Hall in Ft. Bragg, then marched to the CalFire office to protest vehemently against the regulatory agency’s recent bogus proposal for “co-management” with local Indigenous tribes, now policy of the state of California, of Jackson Demonstration State Forest (JDSF) CalFire’s take-or-leave it proposal, delivered in a Sept.…

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CAL FIRE Reneges on Logging Promise: Activists Warn Response of Protests, Civil Disobedience

CalFire announced today that they would resume logging in Jackson Demonstration State Forest. Read the Coalition response here.

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