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Welcome to, the online hub for the campaign to save Jackson Demonstration State Forest (JDSF) from California Department of Forestry’s irresponsible and outdated management practices. We believe that in the midst of the ongoing climate, biodiversity, and aridification crises, California should be working hand in hand with First Nation Peoples, using Traditional Environmental Knowledge to restore our state forests. Logging is not a ‘Nature-Based Solution.’


Speak up against active logging in the Red Tail Timber Harvest Plan!

Today, logging crews reentered the Red Tail timber harvest plan (THP) in Jackson Demonstration State Forest (JDSF) to continue cutting large trees on public lands- despite a pending review of the management plan. Thanks to the brave forest defenders, logging has been start and stop all summer, and many trees have been saved. We need to urge our public officials to declare a moratorium on ALL LOGGING in JDSF until a full review of the JDSF Management plan, for Indigenous sovereignty and scientific . Call and write the Board of Forestry and tell them (nicely, as the person answering the…

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CAL FIRE is pushing for approval of the Little North Fork Big River and Mitchell Creek Timber Harvest Plans- Send a second public comment to show your opposition.

While the official public comment period for these two timber harvest plans is closed, comments submitted through the proper channels will put CAL FIRE on notice that we are still on the alert. It will help to send a separate comment on each THP.  Put this in the subject line:  Mitchell Creek THP 1-20-00193-MEN  Or:  Little North Fork Big River 1-20-00173-MEN  Address your comments to:  For your comment to have weight, it should address an issue that needs consideration. We recommend this general template:  “I am writing to ask that no new THPs be approved in JDSF–including ____________–until a new Environmental…

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Ask The Board of Supervisors To Pass Resolution To Save Jackson Demonstration State Forest!

On Monday, November 15th, the Mendocino Board of Supervisors will vote on a resolution that calls for a reconsideration of the management objectives of the Jackson Demonstration State Forest. The resolution, sponsored by Supervisors Ted Williams and Dan Gjerde, recognizes that in this time defined by rapid and accelerating climate change the Jackson can and should be managed differently to sequester and store carbon in the forest, protect wildlife, safeguard rural communities against wildfire, and ensure clean water. This is BIG. You can read the full resolution here. What the Board is asking for—that science guides forest management, not timber profit—seems…

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California Natural Resources Agency has extended the deadline to submit comments on Draft Natural and Working Lands Climate Smart Strategy

On October 11th, the California Natural Resources Agency released its draft Natural and Working Lands Climate Smart Strategy for public comment. In some ways, this document is a win for environmentalists. We have been saying for years that, if stewarded properly, our natural and working lands can contribute to the climate solution instead of the climate crisis. We also appreciated the process through which this document was created. The agency held numerous public input hearings where they took testimony from Californians from across the State. They also specifically highlighted the need for equity in determining the future of California’s lands.…

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CDF has submitted a new THP

CDF has just submitted a new timber harvest plan with drafting requirements of 5,000 to 10,000 gallons of water a day, this while our county is in the middle of a Stage 3 Drought Emergency. Submit your comments on the Boundary Creek THP now!

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