Speak up against active logging in the Red Tail Timber Harvest Plan!

Today, logging crews reentered the Red Tail timber harvest plan (THP) in Jackson Demonstration State Forest (JDSF) to continue cutting large trees on public lands- despite a pending review of the management plan. Thanks to the brave forest defenders, logging has been start and stop all summer, and many trees have been saved. We need to urge our public officials to declare a moratorium on ALL LOGGING in JDSF until a full review of the JDSF Management plan, for Indigenous sovereignty and scientific . Call and write the Board of Forestry and tell them (nicely, as the person answering the phone is a secretary, not a policy-maker)

  • We need a Moratorium on Logging in Jackson!
  • Logging in Jackson is a bad faith negotiation tactic with the Pomo Tribes and their government to government consultations.
  • Respect public opinion and Mendocino Board of Supervisors.

CALL: 916) 653-8007
EMAIL: PublicComments@bof.ca.gov

This specific timber harvest plan is in the largest affordable campsite in the area (Camp 1) and as many of you know, Jackson Demonstration State Forest is one of the top tourist draws in the county. (And tourism brings in over 4 times the revenue that logging does). This timber harvest plan (THP) is unique in that it has some of the highest board foot per acre plots of all the THPs currently open, thanks primarily to an abundance of very large Fir trees such as the one shown here. These trees owned by the public were sold for $40 per thousand board feet which is the price for “junk wood”. Their economic value for tourism is far higher than this and their value as carbon stores tower far above this number.Gavin Newsom, wade.crowfoot, Mike McGuire, your initiatives to make California a #climatesmart, forward thinking state is being drastically undercut by CAL FIRE Jackson Demonstration State Forest. They aren’t even selling these trees for the value of the carbon they will emit, all while handicapping the local economy in a community that is already struggling.

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