Tackling Timber Harvest Plans

A THP is the document that outlines a logging operation. It is a legal document that does double duty outlining the plan for operations and the expected environmental impact. All THPs in JDSF are open for a public comment period before approval. The Coalition to Save Jackson Demonstration State Forest hopes to empower community members to familiarize themselves with THPs and make their voices heard by engaging in the public comment process. Get started below:

1. How to find a Timber Harvest Plan (THP)

To find a THP you can go directly to CalTrees, or check out this handy primer made by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention, which will tell you how to search for a THP, and what to sections to expect once you find it.

2. Getting to know a THP- useful links

3. Which THP’s to comment on

4. How to comment on a THP

  • For a full break down of how to comment on THP’s head to “Commenting on A Timber Harvest Plan”,
  • Before commenting, we recommend perusing EPIC’s primer on THP’s. If you have time, read all the way through, or head straight to page 7 for an explanation of “Substantial Evidence” and what you should be basing your comments off of for maximum impact. You can also find a template for full length formal comments here.
  • Comments must be submitted within a set period of time, beginning with the date of the original filing and ending thirty days after the Pre-Harvest Inspection (PHI). For comments to be entered into the public record, they must have the THP name and number in the subject line, and be emailed to SantaRosaPublicComment@fire.ca.gov please also cc the forester who wrote the plan, and mendocinotrailstewards@gmail.com so they can archive it.
  • 5. Thank you for submitting your comment! Now what?

  • THP Approval Process Flow Chart
  • More ways to make your voice heard
  • Writing a letter to the Editor