CAL FIRE is pushing for approval of the Little North Fork Big River and Mitchell Creek Timber Harvest Plans- Send a second public comment to show your opposition.

While the official public comment period for these two timber harvest plans is closed, comments submitted through the proper channels will put CAL FIRE on notice that we are still on the alert. It will help to send a separate comment on each THP. 

Put this in the subject line: 

Mitchell Creek THP 1-20-00193-MEN 


Little North Fork Big River 1-20-00173-MEN 

Address your comments to: 

For your comment to have weight, it should address an issue that needs consideration. We recommend this general template: 

“I am writing to ask that no new THPs be approved in JDSF–including ____________–until a new Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the management plan is approved, one that takes into account the most modern understanding of climate change. The 2016 Management Plan is operating on an EIR that was drafted over 14 years ago, when we had a much more limited understanding of the grave emergency posed by anthropogenic climate change. The minor addendums added since then in no way address the issue. 

Further, and until the government to government consultations with the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo have reached a suitable resolution, it is in bad faith to continue with timber harvest and road building. Please table these timber harvest plans for the time being.” 

For further information on the plans, go to:



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