Listen in and comment during the Board of Supervisors Meeting

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors (BOS) is meeting this morning (Tuesday April 19th) at 9:15am. Among other things, they will be hearing from the State regarding their resolution requesting scientific review of Jackson Demonstration State Forest.

Join the Meeting via Zoom by using the Webinar ID located on the front page of the agenda. When Public Expression/Public Comment is called for by the Chair, use the “raise hand” feature (located at the bottom of your screen) if you’d like to comment on that item. If you are calling in to the Zoom meeting via telephone, you will need to press *9 to raise your hand and lower your hand. Please do not raise your hand until the Chair has called for comment.

When the chair calls on you, you will be unmuted and given 3 minutes to speak. Please state your full name for the record (First, Last), prior to making your comments.

Please keep your comments respectful and stand in solidarity with the Coalition to Save Jackson Demonstration State Forest by calling for JDSF management to change from its current timber focus, to one that is focused on carbon storage and the protection of Native American sacred sites.

Zoom Webinar ID: 828 8600 1093
Zoom Phone Number (if joining via telephone): 1 669 900 9128

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