May Updates and Letters

The Coalition has recently submitted 3 letters articulating our position and concerns with recent work by CalFire in JDSF. They can help bring everyone up to speed on what is happening and our responses, please be in touch if this inspires you and you would like to volunteer with us!

Summaries of letters:

The fuel breaks letter explains how, according to their own internal report, CalFire should NOT cut any large trees in coastal redwood forests as part of fuel breaks for fire prevention, and how they must embrace an equal co-management structure with Tribes and a fully transparent relationship with the public and follow the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for any proposed plan. It also includes the fabulous letter by our friends at the Mendocino Trail Stewards, which is full of links to scientific studies!

The Caspar 500/Blue Gum Trail letter questions how CalFire could be closing trails and working on this area even though the contract to log this Timber Harvest Plan expired. It includes our October 2022 statement on how co-management should proceed in the Caspar 500. 

The Soda Gulch letter questions road repairs CalFire has begun in the western side of Soda Gulch Timber Harvest Plan (THP), because they cannot do similar work throughout the THP without desecrating Sacred Sites. We draw attention to the letter from Coyote Valley that is the subject of today’s Action Alert.

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