Jackson Forest Coalition Begins Preliminary Talks with CDF/Cal Fire: Responds to Cal Fire Proposal on Red Tail Timber Harvest Plan  

Contact: Matt Simmons, matt@wildcalifornia.org, (310) 666 8912

On Friday May 13th members of the Coalition to Save Jackson State Forest met with officials from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF/Cal Fire) and Chairman of the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians, Michael Hunter, in the contentious Red Tail Timber Harvest Plan (THP) in Jackson Demonstration State Forest (JDSF). The THP is located 5.8 miles east of Fort Bragg on Highway 20 and crisscrosses the beloved Camp One Loop trail in the publicly owned 50,000 acre forest. The THP was partially cut during the summer of 2021 and winter of 2022.

The Red Tail THP was the site of the only arrests in the yearlong campaign that included many rallies, blockades, and woods actions there and in other THPs, to slow cutting and protect the trees. Operations are currently on hold. 

During the on-site discussion of Cal Fire’s request to remove already felled logs from the contested plan, State Forests Program (Interim) Manager Kevin Conway outlined what Cal Fire proposes to do in order to remove the already felled trees, including “re-opening” a seasonal road and cutting numerous trees to clear an estimated five to ten additional cable corridors. This would involve removing swaths of trees to allow the cables to haul out the large logs, thereby creating additional wind tunnels that increase fire danger by creating an open path for the flames to race through sucked along by the updraft left by the absence of trees. (see photo)

The Coalition to Save Jackson State Forest replied to Cal Fire’s request with a response letter detailing ten concerns and protections that need to be addressed. The Coalition appreciates what it views as the beginning of preliminary talks to address the community’s concern for the health of the People’s Forest (JDSF) during the current pause in logging and road activities.

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